Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hapland 3

Hapland 3 just recently came out and I must say they really made it very hard this time.
For those that played Hapland 1 and Hapland 2 before know that you have to click on things in the right order and sometimes at the right time if you want to complete the game.

I never could've done it without a walkthrough and I bet you'll need it too at some point in the game - so I put the walkthrough in the 'comments'.
Happy clicking!

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Blogger THC said...

1. Click the man (the one on the platform), then click the carrot. As he grabs it, but before he eats it, click the top of the crate below him. The carrot should fall down. Quickly click the two flies before they get the carrot.

2. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the other carrot swings into place above the man on the upper platform. Click the carrot so the (upper platform man) eats it.

3. Click the lever man (on the bottom platform) until the red arrow swings into place above the man on the upper platform.

4. Now click the right opening of the crate. Click the red arrow above the guy.

5. Click the two connectors to those landing pads the UFO have. (The connectors are directly beneath their respective pads, and have [until you click them] a red light on them)

6. Click on the UFO, then quickly click the right yellow button under the crate. The UFO should abduct the snail-shell, and push the man into the bathroom, where he will flush the toilet after disposing (post-digestion, I assume) of the carrot. This will shake off part of the boulder that is beneath the bathroom. Also, the dropped snail-shell will blow up a mine next to another red arrow, making it point upwards.

7. Ring the doorbell of the bathroom/house, and the former upper platform man should exit. Click him to make him climb back up onto his platform.

8. Click the bottom lever guy until the shield appears. Now click the switch (like the ones clicked earlier to activate the UFO pads) by the green arrow above the lower platform guy, then click the bottom lever guy again

9. Click the pipe that is above the door on the far left of the screen; it should bend upwards. Also, click the upper platform man so he is on the left of his platform.

10. Click the UFO again, so it flies off to the right of the screen. TIMING IS IMPORTANT HERE: Wait about a second, then click the shield above the upper platform guy, so he grabs the shield. Immediately after clicking him, click the former bottom platform guy, and he should pull a new lever which should fire a rock out of the pipe.

11. Now the lake should be frozen!

12. Next, repeat the process of shooting rocks at the shield twice. They should bounce into the basket below the crow. You should stop after the second one, which is more like a spiky ball than a friendly rock.

13. Now, click the light above the left door where the former lower platform guy is. That man should end up back on his lower platform. Next, click the gear/bolt in the middle of the crate that our snail shell came out of before, then click the yellow button on the left.

14. Click the switch (you know which one by now) by the green arrow, then click the lever man on the bottom until the bomb (red ball) appears. Making sure the upper platform man is on the left of his platform (if he isn’t, click him), click the bomb.

15. The lake should be melted.

16. TIMING INVOLVED AGAIN: Now, click the spider's web above the crow, and the window next to it. A carrot should fall out of the window. Click the spider, then, after a split second (sorry for the ambiguous timing) click the crow.

17. If all went as planned, the crow should have knocked the carrot into the basket which should have fallen on the snail-shell and into the lake which should drain soon after. (Boom.) Also, the angry mother crow should’ve shot a laser at the spider, missing him, but knocking down a ladder.

18. Click the bottom platform lever man until the red arrow appears. Then click the lever switch (again), and click the lever man again. He should go down, click him to make him pull that lever revealing a green blob.

19. In the cave where the blobs have been revealed, click on the door to the crate, making it fall open.

20. Click the far right leaves on the tree. Now click the bell under the mechanic (the other stickman on the screen, next to the wrench sign). After he leaves to repair the mess you made, he will leave the door open; click it closed.

21. Click the mechanic, so he burns the vine. Now click the blue trapdoor that leads into the cave, directly to the left of the right-most UFO pad. Click the arrow so it turns to the right, and click the mechanic, directing him back to the right and into the cave.

22. Click the mechanic so he walks into the crate. He will come out riding on a cart. Now, click the red blob that had been covered by rock, so that it produces a blob that falls into his cart, and then click the lever man (former bottom lever man) to make the green blob fall into the cart.

23. Now, click the gear-wheel at the bottom tight and the sign should turn around; press the button now. YAY! Pretty colors! End.

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