Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pixels are sexy

Don't you agree?

Trevor van Meter sure knows his way around pixel creations.
The amount of time that goes into creating these 'little pieces of art' - I don't even want to know.
The results on the other hand are more than impressive.

One of his works made for Verizon is a fun bobsled game called 'Xslide Challenge'.

Goal of this game is to go down the sled track as fast as possible.
To make it a bit more fun and challenging you get to create your own male/female characters by chosing their hairstyle and weight.
The last one will most likely affect the speed at which you go down the track with.
And if you're more of a solo player, you can always pick the skeleton instead of the bobsled.

Prepare yourself to crash into the wall because the game is not as easy as it sounds.
(not for me anyway)

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