Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Zelda : Seeds Of Darkness


Zelda was the first ever adventure game I've played and I loved it from the very first minute I put it in my SNES. I forgot which one it was though but I'll never forget the satisfaction I got when completing it and watching the end scene.

My ex still has my SNES which keeps me from playing it again so I'm exited to see that there's a flash version of a Zelda game available online.

The forest of Hyrule has always been a peaceful place. A place untouched by the evil spell. But time changes, and so has the forest.

Three evil seeds that have been dorment in the forest have now awoken. The first seed is the source of sadness; the second bearer of jealousy and the third creator of anger.

These seeds must be destroyed. This task is entrusted to you, brave adventurer and hero! Good luck!


The graphics aren't exactly as I remember them but they still look good none the less. And combined with the nice music it's like I'm reliving my very first Zelda experience all over again.
And I'm pretty sue you'll have fun too.

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Blogger Marco Antonio said...

Nice little game, I haven't finished it though, 98% of my attention is towards my own blog, TP/HP news, Wii news, and pretty much any other E3 news. Hope you're having just as much fun.

5:44 PM  

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