Tuesday, May 09, 2006


play Nevermore 1

Time to use both of your hands on the keyboard and explore the beautifull world of Nevermore.

If you can take your eyes of the beautiful scenery for a moment you'll notice that there are sphere's to collect and objects to interact with in order to get to these blue balls of shiny goodness.

The reward?
The most beautiful flash game you've ever seen, if you ask me.

And if it left you wanting more, I have good news for you - there's also Nevermore 2.

play Nevermore 2

Part 2 is, believe it or not, as beautiful as Part 1. And to make it even better, you have an actual goal to fulfill - Chase a squirell and find a treasure.

I haven't finished it yet so don't ask me what the treasure is, but I'm sure it's worth the troubles you encounter throughout the game.

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