Thursday, May 11, 2006

The envelopes please

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cartoon network

Cartoons aren't just for kids - I still enjoy watching them too. And this game from the cartoon network is also one to be enjoyed by all ages. Unless you're more a fan of bloody shooters ofcourse.

In 'The envelopes please' your job is to find -as the name suggests - 10 envelopes, so that Johnny Bravo can start the show.

Move around using the arrow keys and talk to the other cartoon characters by pressing the spacebar to get various items that can help you in your quest.

If you want to complete this game on your own, stop reading here. If you want to cheat your way through or find yourself stuck somewhere in the game, read on...

Walkthrough: (thanks to Bradford on LazyLaces)

- get platter on stage, and envelope in plant

- talk to guy in chair, get vip pass, leave room, get envelope in first plant in the next room

- talk to everyone you can to pass out treats, get key from shaggy, pick up envelope under sandwiches

- talk to caterer after passing out all the treats, go outside the building, get envelope in trash can

- get key from dustpan, talk to top cat, get envelope from dumpster.

- reenter building, go to dressing rooms, number 3, get keys under pizza box, go to mystery machine, get scooby snacks, talk to mayor get key, go to mayors room, get envelope from plant

- get roses from mayors room, give to judy in dressing room 1, get envelope from picture

- go to broom closet, get broom, give to dexter in dressing room 2, get envelope from robot

- give scooby snacks to scooby, pull both levers, get envelope from backdrop

- get envelop from outside all the dressing rooms

play game

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