Friday, May 12, 2006

David Chesterfield - World's Greatest Magician

Be stunned by the tricks of this Magician. David Copperfield - watch and learn.
Simply amazing!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The envelopes please

via LacyLaces

cartoon network

Cartoons aren't just for kids - I still enjoy watching them too. And this game from the cartoon network is also one to be enjoyed by all ages. Unless you're more a fan of bloody shooters ofcourse.

In 'The envelopes please' your job is to find -as the name suggests - 10 envelopes, so that Johnny Bravo can start the show.

Move around using the arrow keys and talk to the other cartoon characters by pressing the spacebar to get various items that can help you in your quest.

If you want to complete this game on your own, stop reading here. If you want to cheat your way through or find yourself stuck somewhere in the game, read on...

Walkthrough: (thanks to Bradford on LazyLaces)

- get platter on stage, and envelope in plant

- talk to guy in chair, get vip pass, leave room, get envelope in first plant in the next room

- talk to everyone you can to pass out treats, get key from shaggy, pick up envelope under sandwiches

- talk to caterer after passing out all the treats, go outside the building, get envelope in trash can

- get key from dustpan, talk to top cat, get envelope from dumpster.

- reenter building, go to dressing rooms, number 3, get keys under pizza box, go to mystery machine, get scooby snacks, talk to mayor get key, go to mayors room, get envelope from plant

- get roses from mayors room, give to judy in dressing room 1, get envelope from picture

- go to broom closet, get broom, give to dexter in dressing room 2, get envelope from robot

- give scooby snacks to scooby, pull both levers, get envelope from backdrop

- get envelop from outside all the dressing rooms

play game

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Amazing Acrobats


Amazing Acrobats has nice graphics, a catchy tune and is a very addictive game. And eventhough it's not the full version of the game, it has enough levels for you to get all acro behind your desk.

The idea behind this game is to get three or more acrobats of the same color lined up in order to earn your points. The more you get linked together the more points you'll get.

online game

It's all easy in the first couple of levels, but as you progress - time will count down faster and faster. Luckily there's a way to earn extra time by catching the balloons floating around the screen. And if you manage to remove multiple colored acrobats in one turn, you'll earn extra points as well.

Have fun!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Woody Pop

via JayIsGames

play game

There's nothing interesting I can say about this game except that I find it much more fun than the original BreakOut game (<--- is that the original?).
But that's me.
You'll have to play it for yourself to find out really.

And if you want to read a more informative, detailed post about this game you should head over to JayIsGames , but please come back afterwards. smile

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play Nevermore 1

Time to use both of your hands on the keyboard and explore the beautifull world of Nevermore.

If you can take your eyes of the beautiful scenery for a moment you'll notice that there are sphere's to collect and objects to interact with in order to get to these blue balls of shiny goodness.

The reward?
The most beautiful flash game you've ever seen, if you ask me.

And if it left you wanting more, I have good news for you - there's also Nevermore 2.

play Nevermore 2

Part 2 is, believe it or not, as beautiful as Part 1. And to make it even better, you have an actual goal to fulfill - Chase a squirell and find a treasure.

I haven't finished it yet so don't ask me what the treasure is, but I'm sure it's worth the troubles you encounter throughout the game.

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The Skywalkers

Star Wars

What would happen if Matt Groening and George Lucas were best friends?
This is what.

I know that there's already a Simpsons Movie in the making, but if they ever decide to make a second one, a Star Wars parody wouldn't be bad at all.

Star Wars

I'm sorry that it's hosted on Newgrounds (I don't really like the site), but I don't know of any website that lets me upload .swf files and hotlink it here. And I'm not even sure if I just can re-upload it to another place.
Anyway, just clik on 'Watch this movie' on the Newgrounds page.

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play game

Rainmaker is one of those games at Orisinal - a website with beautiful, original and cute flash games - that makes you go "aaah" and "oooh, how cute".

The goal of Rainmaker is to rain down on the pigeons that pass underneath your cloud so that they can finally get back to looking pretty at weddings, instead of looking like the dull, grey pigeons you see in the city.
Because really - who likes those city birds?

Not me.

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Zelda : Seeds Of Darkness


Zelda was the first ever adventure game I've played and I loved it from the very first minute I put it in my SNES. I forgot which one it was though but I'll never forget the satisfaction I got when completing it and watching the end scene.

My ex still has my SNES which keeps me from playing it again so I'm exited to see that there's a flash version of a Zelda game available online.

The forest of Hyrule has always been a peaceful place. A place untouched by the evil spell. But time changes, and so has the forest.

Three evil seeds that have been dorment in the forest have now awoken. The first seed is the source of sadness; the second bearer of jealousy and the third creator of anger.

These seeds must be destroyed. This task is entrusted to you, brave adventurer and hero! Good luck!


The graphics aren't exactly as I remember them but they still look good none the less. And combined with the nice music it's like I'm reliving my very first Zelda experience all over again.
And I'm pretty sue you'll have fun too.

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Puzzled Sheep

play game

Just like Cow Maze, the goal of this cute little game is to get your sheep on the circle by placing the red arrows in it's path. It starts out really easy but gets more difficult as you progress through the various levels.

play game

There are two modes you can choose from - puzzle and action mode. In the puzzle mode you get to place your arrows while mr.fluffy (=sheep) waits untill your done. In the action mode on the other hand, the little ball(s) of whool will run around as you're still trying to figure out where to place your directions.

It's not the full version of the game but there are plenty of levels to keep you occupied for a while.

Have Fun!

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Dirty car art

"It's not contemporary art, it's temporary art."

And it sure looks a lot better than the far-from-original "Wash me" tags on cars.

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